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WT Industria - São Carlos

WT Indústria is a Brazilian enterprise situated in the city of São Carlos (São Paulo state).

We have begun our activities in 2008, as WT Projetos. In 2012, we changed our activities to industry and commerce, as WT Indústria, in order to better supply the needs of our customers: equipment.

Development and manufacturing of equipment for university and industry laboratories are one of our expertizes, which helps in generating national technology.

Some of the equipment already produced by WT Indústria:

High-temperature furnaces (up to 1700°C), and low temperatures furnaces (up to 1200°C), with the option of controlled atmosphere and/or vacuum; spray-pyrolysis furnaces, reactors, diverse instrumentation, among others;
Test machines (fatigue, traction, wear, and so on);
Actuators for spindle or hydraulic loading;
Equipment for extraction and preparation of new materials using supercritical CO2;
Isostatic and axial presses with automated load and position control;
Resistive hydrothermal reactor;
Seebeck Coefficient;
Molds for pressing;
Equipment for quality laboratories for Geosynthetics;
Development of special equipment and devices – R&D

Our enterprise also works with the development and production of special projects, including the possible personalization of our catalog products in order to attend the needs of our customers. Contact us for more information.

Besides that, once the equipments are developed by WT Indústria, the technical assistance is also entirely performed by us.


Tel.: +55 (16) 98184-4902